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Soon ... #NewOverblog

Posted by OverBlog on March 28 2018

Hi Overbloggers ! As you know now, Overblog is continually in an improvement process to guarantee you an optimal navigation. That's why our technical team has been working hard for several months to provide an improved, faster and more enjoyable user... Read more...

Interview of the Month - Jill Gourlay from I Wear My Wages

Posted by Cyrielle on March 20 2017

Dear Overbloggers, We are very pleased to introduce you a new Fashion Blogger : Jill from the blog I Wear My Wages ! She kindly accepted to answer at few questions we asked her. If you want to learn more about her & her blog, just keep reading ! 👇 Hi... Read more...

Overblog's Team

Posted by OverBlog on November 8 2016

Dear Overbloggers, Maybe you're asking yourself who's hiding behind the Overblog's name ? Now, it's time to introduce you the entire Overblog's team and let you see the people which work on this project ! For those of you who don't know, Overblog is a... Read more...

Interview of Tom Pride from Pride's Purge blog

Posted by Matthieu on September 20 2013

Tom Pride from Pride's Purge has switched to OverBlog. Tom describes his blog as an irreverent look at UK politics. As a satirist, Tom is anonymous. He takes the character of an important figure in UK politics: Thomas Pride. Tom agreed to share this interview... Read more...

How & why I switched to OverBlog...

Posted by Lucy s Stash Nail Art on September 13 2013

Hello lovelies, you might have noticed some changes that happened to my blog during the month of August. Well I have made the decision to switch to OverBlog platform. A bit about OverBlog: "OverBlog is Europe's leading blog platform, 35 million visitors... Read more...

Exclusive Interview of Erika from Handful of Fashion

Posted on August 26 2013

Here's some fantastic news guys ! If you're a fashion lover, you'll be more than happy to know that Erika from Handful of Fashion switched to OverBlog. Handful of Fashion is basically a fashion and style UK blogger mainly focusing on clothing. The way... Read more...

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